Preparing For Surgery

Successful weight loss surgery depends a great deal on proper preparation. The Kettering Bariatrics team includes a variety of experienced specialists who can help you prepare for surgery and will support you at every step in the process. We will work with you to assess your unique situation, analyze your previous attempts at weight management, discuss your specific goals and explore a variety of treatment options. 
The results of bariatric surgery depend greatly on a patient's personal dedication. Surgery will not simply change the way you look or even feel. It can dramatically alter your lifestyle in terms of what and how you eat, your energy and activity levels, attitudes toward yourself and others, and your entire outlook on life. While most of these changes will be positive and welcome, they can still be unsettling.

Knowing what to expect and planning ahead can greatly improve a patient's chances of success. You've already taken an important first step by conducting research online and browsing the many resources we've assembled on this site. Once you're ready to learn more or discuss your unique situation with people who understand and want to help, please consider attending a free information session or scheduling a personal consultation with one of our caring professionals.

Anyone considering weight loss surgery should consult with a primary care physician who knows your medical history and can evaluate your general health, your need for the surgery, and your fitness to undergo it. In addition, many insurance companies require a doctor's referral, records of previous failed obesity treatments, and a letter establishing medical necessity before authorizing weight loss surgery.

In partnership with Weight Loss Surgery at Kettering and Sycamore, we offer regular information sessions that are free and open to the public. Each session features presentations on obesity as a medical condition, various non-surgical treatment methods , current surgical options, and typical short- and long-term results. In addition, you'll learn about unique hospital facilities designed especially for obesity treatment and services such as support groups, dietary counseling, exercise consultation, and lifestyle coaching—all vital to a patient's success.