Free Weight Loss Seminars

Morbid obesity is a chronic, often devastating condition that is widely misunderstood. Obese people are sometimes hesitant to consider treatment, because many have a long history of frustrating experiences with ineffective diets, exercise plans, medications, and other treatments. They may feel embarrassment due to common misconceptions that obesity is somehow a choice or a form of personal failure or the hurtful reactions of other people. It can seem daunting to invest hope in a new possibility and risky to trust others by openly discussing with one's most persistent problems and fervent hopes.

We understand all of these issues, and we can empathize with these feelings. Our team members are experienced specialists who have been privileged to work with bariatric patients and help them along from morbid obesity to better health and happiness. We are dedicated to helping patients at every stage and with every aspect of weight loss treatment. We have seen how effective surgery can be, even for those unable to achieve results with any other form of treatment.

You've already taken an important first step by visiting this site. Now, we encourage you to attend a free informational seminar to learn more, get answers to your specific questions, and meet some of the exceptional people who would like to help you begin this wonderful new challenge for better health.